For more than 40 years maintaining lakes and wetlands in Florida, Aquatic Systems, a SOLitude Lake Management Company has invested in research and development to understand the underlying causes of algae blooms and invasive plant growth, midge fly invasions, muck, odors and lake water quality/health issues. As stewards of our beautiful Florida environment, we restore and maintain ponds, lakes, wetlands and preserves using balanced and ecologically-compatible technologies to achieve exceptional results for your property. Aquatic Systems staff of scientists and technicians in 11 field offices throughout the state serve private, commercial and public lakes, waterways, wetlands and preserves.

Lake Management using Natural, Sustainable Methods

Aquatic Systems brings a unique approach to Florida pond maintenance and restoration; we leverage our science staff and in-house laboratories to discover underlying water quality issues to give you successful long-term solutions for your lakes, retention ponds and wetland mitigation areas.

Managing Algae in Florida Lakes

Algae is a natural part of a healthy pond or lake, but it can get out of control quickly and even become harmful. Successfully treating it requires knowing the type you have and correcting the conditions that continue to help it thrive.


Aquatic Plants - the Good and the Bad

Florida lakes are built for beauty and recreational use, storm water retention and pollution control. Adding the right plants on the shore or eliminating the wrong ones both in and around the water are necessary for a well balanced system.


Wetland and Preserves

Wetlands act as a filter to improve water quality , provide habitat for fish and wildlife, provide shoreline stabilization and improve aesthetics.


Reduce Midge Flies and Mosquitos

Midge flies swarm in such great numbers that you can't enjoy the Florida sunshine when they're around. Adult mosquitoes may spread disease. An integrated pest management program effectively manages these pests.


Sustainable Lake Solutions

Bottom diffused aeration , nutrient reduction treatments, watershed management, homeowner education. We use these and other environmentally responsible approaches to bring about long-term solutions.


Healthier Fisheries Management

Florida is known for world class fishing. But many lakes and ponds need help to sustain healthy fish populations. Outside pressures including non natural competition, and lack of habitat hinder populations. We have solutions!


Water Quality Team Approach

Aquatic Systems team of field, research and in-house lab scientists provide a wide range of lake water quality assessments to our clients as needed to understand and provide customized solutions for their lakes.


Lake and Wetland Consulting Services

Be proactive rather than reactive – get ahead of current or potential issues by identifying the underlying problems. Aquatic Systems is not just a pond or lake maintenance company but a full-service lake management company.


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What Our Clients Say

Rizzetta & Company has worked with Aquatics Systems for over 15 years in various Community Development Districts throughout the Tampa Bay Region. We have been very pleased with their professionalism, delivery of service and fair pricing to our clients. We would highly recommend them to any community looking for lake management services.

Eric Dailey Eric Dailey Director, District Services - Rizzetta & Co.

We are a client of yours and wanted to let you know what a great job our technician has done cleaning up our big retention pond. There were all kinds of reeds, cattails and all kinds of other "things" growing in it. Now, after just a few months our lake is looking so beautiful, clear and clean.

Susan Bowler Susan Bowler Ponte Vedra United Methodist Church

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