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The Boca Corporate Center and Campus is a technologically advanced business park located on 123 acres adjacent to I-95 and Yamato Road in Boca Raton, Florida

Boca Corporate Center

BRE Boca Center is a beautiful business campus has two lakes totaling 3.4 surface acres. The main lake, and focal point of the business center, developed persistent algae and plankton blooms during the summer.

A meeting between the center’s management and our reps determined that the lake was directly receiving reclaimed water. Microcystis was found through water testing and algae ID testing by our biologists. The chlorophyll level was 10 to 15 times above normal and the Total Phosphorous (TP) level was 20 to 40 times above normal.

We Brought Solutions

We recommended redirection of reclaimed water back into the irrigation system and not into the lake, and performed a few labs tests to seek and find solutions for the lake’s persistent problems. Aquatic Systems also recommended an Alum Jar Test and Alum treatments, which were conducted and administered respectively in mid-Summer 2015. Another Alum Jar Test and Alum treatment was given in in May 2016.

Throughout this time period, the algae and TP levels continued to improve. Later the same year we installed a Vertex  aeration  system to improve the oxygen level from the bottom of the lake, and help make the lake healthier.

Today, the BRE Boca Corporate Center’s main lake is a great showcase for its owners. Algae, aquatic weed and shore grass control are monthly services we provide for this spectacular business center’s lakes and the lakes’ residents.

Don't let algae ruin your lake