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Kelly Greens in Ft. Myers is home to 939 residences and an eighteen-hole championship golf course designed by renowned architect Gordon Lewis.


The water clarity in the 18 lakes and two wetlands covering 45 acres was very poor with color ranging from dark brown to a medium green. The lawns and landscape shrubs, and the buildings were covered with midge flies. The lakes had many species of nuisance weeds growing in them including water lettuce, alligator weed, primrose willow, surface algae, and plankton were all visible problems.

Action taken by Aquatic Systems

  • 35,000 native Bluegill and Redear Sunfish were added to reduce midge fly larvae.
  • 100,000 native plants covering five acres along 20,000 linear feet of shoreline were planted
  • Custom lake aeration systems were installed in all 18 ponds – a total of 10 Cabinets running 35 Air Stations
  • Alum was applied in January of 2017 to all 18 ponds to quickly reduce phosphorus levels following completion of the golf course renovation.
Kelly Greens Shoreline
Kelly Greens Lake


  • Reduced algaecide and herbicide applications by 22%
  • Larvicide applications were reduced by 75%
  • Improved aesthetics of lake shorelines and wildlife habitat
  • Eliminated nuisance midge fly complaints
  • Reduced golf course turf area for maintenance and chemical applications
  • Provided animal habitat

The lakes encountered many challenges from reclaimed water to the complete rebuilding of their Golf Course. Aquatic Systems worked with the people there through it all to create a healthier, more beautiful outdoor experience for all.


Check out the article about the full restoration project in the Fall edition of Florida Green Magazine

Page 43 of the magazine or 22 of the PDF

From the people at Kelly Greens

“I’m really impressed with Aquatic Systems and as many times as we’ve called Robbin and asked him the questions, he was there every time for us and understanding and didn’t hesitate to come out and show us.”

Charlie Vetter Charlie Vetter Golf Pro

“I like the fact that Aquatic Systems has a lot of resources. You’ve got a great facility there. Being able to do the testing, etc. If Robbin can’t answer the question, there will be other people as opposed to just relying on one person. The service has been great.”

Mark Thomas Mark Thomas Golf Course Superintendent

Does your lake need restoring?