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The Lantower Grande Pines Luxury Apartments located in southwest Orlando, Florida is an upscale community with 282 modern apartments surrounding a gorgeous 1.98 acre lake with a walking/jogging trail.


Aquatic Systems began maintaining the lake in December 2016 during the construction phase. When we were initially brought in, the lake was a murky, brownish color; very turbid due to heavy construction of the soon to be finished apartment complex. Our testing showed that some of the turbidity stemmed from the pond itself.

Due to ongoing construction, there was great deal of sediment in the lake. Aquatic Systems conducted an alum jar test and subsequent treatment showed no clearing. The day after the treatment, the area had heavy rain all day which led to more sediment and construction sediment added to the lake. The lake was not closed off from the construction at that time. Another treatment was added and the turbidity cleared up completely in time for the grand opening of the apartment community.

Today, the community’s lake is healthy and clear with two beautiful fountains displaying sparkling water. The residents are able to see the lake from their porches or balconies, and wildlife visits the lake often. Aquatic Systems maintains this lake monthly providing services for aquatic grasses, water quality and algae.

What Our Clients Say

“Our company was dealing with a retention area with extremely mucky water We tried everything we could to increase the clarity. Aquatic Systems proposed a solution using the alum treatment. After two applications, the water was crystal clear! We were extremely impressed with the results”

Frank J. LoTurco Frank J. LoTurco VP at Picerne Real Estate Group

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