The climate in Florida is wonderful in many ways, but the year round warm weather and heat in the summer can bring on algae blooms quickly. Many lakes in Florida are man-made for storm water retention and pollution control. As these lakes age they collect more phosphorus runoff from a variety of sources than they can handle. Lakes receiving reclaimed wastewater often have the highest levels of phosphorus and nitrogen ; they are often low in oxygen as well. This combination of high nutrient and low oxygen is the perfect combination for excessive growth of unsightly algae and other problems.

Throughout our 40 years in business, Aquatic Systems has invested in research and development to understand the underlying causes of harmful algae blooms. As stewards of our beautiful Florida environment, we seek to achieve long-lasting results for your property.

Lyngbya closeupWe support a team approach to controlling algae:

  • Understand the underlying causes – our team of scientists include aquatic limnologists, biologists and environmental specialists to inspect, test, create and review management plans. In-house lab personnel conduct detailed research and testing
  • Monitor your lakes and report back to you on a regular basis – our Account Reps and Sales members are experienced lake management experts.  They act as a liason between you and the service and science teams.
  • Implement a plan to keep it under control – experienced service managers and technicians to do the work needed to keep your lakes healthy and beautiful. Most of our personnel have degrees, all service personnel undergo continuous training and testing to ensure they have up-to-date knowledge and tools to get the work done to your satisfaction:
    • State Certification: giving you confidence that they understand and abide by all environmental laws
    • Monthly Safety Training: covers all equipment our technicians use
    • Certified Swim Test: ensuring safety in and around all waterways

Meet the Team

Methods used to  bring back a healthy balance of  algae in your lake:

Nutrient deactivation: Nutrients are generally a good thing, but anything in excess can lead to problems. This holds true in ponds and lakes as well, algae love phosphorus! Agents that bind to these nutrients and make them inaccessible to algae can quickly improve lake conditions giving other methods time to work.

Adding Oxygen: Ever see a fish tank with bubbles? Lake aeration is the same principle applied to larger bodies of water. Lakes and ponds need living organisms to support higher life forms and to aid in decomposing organic matter and pollutants that lead to algae. Aeration systems add dissolved oxygen to all levels of your lake or pond.

Mechanical removal: Some of the larger algae create mats on the water surface that can be removed by machine when appropriate.

Product treatments: Aquatic Systems believes strongly in using the best management practices available for safe and cost responsible controls of algae. When treatments are used, they are applied by well-trained, state certified Aquatic technicians and biologists. These EPA registered products have been tested and found to be safe.

A combination of two or more of these methods may be the best course of action for long term enjoyment of your lake or pond. Implementing an aquatic management program tailored to your specific needs will go a long way towards restoring the natural balance of the aquatic ecosystem of your lake or pond.

You can get algae under control.