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Pond aeration boil

Florida’s Lake Aeration Experts

Do you need an aeration system in your pond or lake? Dissolved oxygen is the most critical indicator of a pond’s health and water quality . Many problems in lakes are caused by a lack of oxygen and stratification . Adding oxygen to your waterway aeration helps reduce the nutrients that promote algae growth and speeds up the breakdown of organic matter at the bottom thus reducing the nutrient rich muck buildup. Removing ‘stratification’ through aeration also balances pH levels and ensures that fish and other organisms have the oxygen they need.

Do you have an aeration system in your lake or pond that needs service? It’s not enough to put in aeration and forget it.  Each part of the system needs regular maintenance for optimal performance to ensure water quality.

Bubble Curtains Keep Canals Cleaner

Wind and water currents drive algae, floating weeds, dead fish and debris into canals and marinas where they become trapped and decompose, releasing nutrients and foul odors. The dead plant material causes dissolved oxygen levels to drop decreasing water clarity. Once attractive marinas and canals become an eyesore, fisheries and recreational activities decline, hydrogen sulfide odors persist, bottom muck accumulates, and real estate values drop.

Bubble Curtains are designed to provide a simple, effective, inexpensive and environmentally safe solution to wind and water current driven weeds, sea grasses and debris clogging up canals, marinas and docks. Air bubble diffuser systems are equally spaced and placed across the mouth of the canal using air supplied by air compressors on the shore. Each diffuser releases large amounts of air forcing the water to the surface creating a strong surface barrier. Bubble Curtains are safe for boaters and aquatic wildlife. Fish, manatees, lobster and all aquatic life can easily pass back and forth through the rising bubbles without any harm.

Key Largo Dock Bubble Curtain

We Know the Science and Technology

When we first started in the lake management business, we spent several years trying out the existing brands of aeration systems for our customers. Our decades of lake management experience resulted in the creation of the leading brand of bottom diffused aeration systems and bubble curtain technology. In the end, we decided to use our knowledge to build better systems and in 1980, we started manufacturing them under the name Vertex Water Features.

Vertex is now a stand-alone company and is the leading brand of bottom diffused aeration systems and bubble curtains. Over 100 of the top Lake Management companies worldwide sell Vertex products. As partners, Aquatic Systems and Vertex work together, sharing scientific research in the application of aeration and bubble curtains in Florida to ensure that our customer’s have the highest quality, correctly sized systems for healthier water.

Vertex Air1 Install

Aeration and Bubble Curtain Maintenance and Repair ServicesAeration compressor repair

No piece of equipment will last forever, but the lifespan of systems is greatly enhanced with proper regular maintenance and timely repairs. Our in-house technicians build these systems, making them experts in servicing and repairing them.

Don’t worry if if your lake had a system installed by someone else, our staff has experience servicing and repairing all major brands of aeration systems on the market, not just Vertex systems.

Lake Aeration and Bubble Curtains