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Sustainable Solutions for Lake Restoration & Maintenance

Aquatic Systems prioritizes the use of eco-friendly, sustainable solutions for your lake, pond or water body. These treatment plans are meant to restore the entire ecosystem as a whole in the most organic and natural way.

Advantages to the environment:

  • A sustainable lake management plan is a long-term commitment to your waterbody.
  • Natural solutions for the water and shoreline benefit the life living in the water and on the shore.
  • Your lake or pond will be brought back to its natural state and will be maintained for the benefit of all living beings in it and around it.
  • An integrated aquatic restoration plan that utilizes sustainable solutions for lakes, ponds and waterways is an investment that lasts.


Customer lake

Your restoration and maintenance plan will depend on your site’s unique needs

  • Pond and Lake Aeration – Aeration adds oxygen from the bottom of the lake or pond to improve water quality and clarity. It also can eliminate foul odors, reduce nutrients that can cause algae growth and reduce midge flies and mosquitoes.
  • Nutrient Reduction – Lakes and ponds need nutrients in order to thrive, but an overabundance of them can cause problems. While some phosphorous is good for a lake, too much can cause algae growth, a bad odor, and fish kills. By reducing the nutrient load, we can restore the lake to good health again.
  • Biological Control/Fish Stocking – Aquatic weeds cause big problems in lakes. The best biologic control step to take is to add Triploid Grass Carp which act as nature’s weed eaters. They are also sterile, live a long time, and the lake provides everything they need. For a lake to have true health and biodiversity, it must have fish. We will introduce new populations once the water is capable of sustaining them.
  • Shoreline Aquascaping and Stabilization – Once the weeds are gone, native plants should be added. Not only will they add to the aesthetics, they will help prevent exotic plants from coming back and become much-needed food and nesting areas for numerous species of wildlife.
  • Bioaugmentation – A lake in distress is often lacking in the necessary bacteria and enzymes to breakdown the organic materials that enter the water, has nutrient levels that are too high or too low. Aquatic Systems uses the MicroLyfe family of products to enhance your lake’s biology.
  • Lake and Land Specialized Equipment – The equipment we use to maintain lakes and ponds are industry-standard, amphibious, and specialized to produce the best solutions for your lake or pond. From the hard-working aquatic weed harvester to the ever-quiet electric boat, we have what it takes to maintain your waterbody in the most sustainable and efficient manner.

A combination of two or more of these may be required for long term health and enjoyment of your lake or pond. Implementing an aquatic management program tailored to your specific needs will go a long way towards restoring the natural balance of the aquatic ecosystem of your lake or pond.

Get Sustainable Lake Solutions.