Weed Harvester

Aquatic Weed Harvester

The Mobitrac is an amphibious vehicle for mechanically removing vegetation such as algae and aquatic weeds. It can use up to 10 different attachments that can handle any aquatic vegetation chore, and can facilitate the removal and disposal of cattails, shoreline brush and floating and submersed aquatic weeds. It’s operated with two joysticks, and can maneuver in small bodies of water.

Electrofishing Boat

The electrofishing boat is flat bottomed with an opening in the front to allow the equipment needed for electrofishing surveys. It provides the space needed for a generator and other equipment. The surveys are a safe and effective way to sample fish populations and remove unwanted or over abundant species for optimal management of your fishery.

Electrofishing Boat
Air Boat in action


Airboats are iconic and symbolic of Florida waterways. There is no mistaking them. Often squat in shape, they move swiftly in water. With its large propeller and loud motor in the back, the airboat can move our aquatic service personnel through the water as expediently or slowly as needed to get their work done.


Amphibious All Terrain Vehicle

The ARGO is an industry standard in aquatic weed control and maintenance. It is an amphibious piece of equipment that offers a range of tasks, makes tight turns in the water, and with add-on rubber tracks, its foot print is light on the ground. Its low ground pressure and traction on all types of soft and challenging soil such as swamps and muck, which we have much of in Florida, is a plus.

Argo at Green Cay
Multi Purpose Boat in use

Multi-purpose Boat

The MP (Multi-purpose) boat is one which can be transformed to perform different lake management duties. It is flat bottomed for speed and ease and can traverse water bodies easily while carrying a complement of equipment. This boat is great for any size lake or pond that needs treatment.

Electric Boat

Our carbon footprint is reduced through the use of E-boats, the lake management industries’ first all-electric battery powered and battery propelled spray boats, which eliminate noise, gasoline and oil pollution to the aquatic and community environment. The electric or Eboat is a sleek boat which runs on fully charged gel batteries, which charge faster and nearly eliminate hydrogen production that the more standard lead acid batteries do. It’s truly environmentally-friendly and customer-friendly.

Aquatic Systems Electric Boat